PratiKa wander plug + PratiKa wander socket – straight – 63 A – 3P + N + E – 380…415 V AC – IP67

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PratiKa wander plug + PratiKa wander socket – straight – 63 A – 3P + N + E – 380…415 V AC – IP67


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In the world of industrial electrical connections, reliability and durability are paramount. The PratiKa industrial wander plug with captive screws connection stands out as a robust solution designed to meet stringent electrical and environmental demands. This plug, characterized by its straight design and numerous safety features, ensures efficient and secure power transmission in various industrial settings.

Key Specifications

Pole Configuration: 3P+N+E

The PratiKa industrial wander plug features a 3P+N+E pole configuration. This means it includes three power poles, a neutral pole, and an earth pole, ensuring a comprehensive connection that supports a balanced power distribution and enhances safety by grounding the electrical circuit.

Rated Current: 63A

With a rated current of 63A, this plug can handle substantial electrical loads, making it suitable for heavy-duty industrial equipment. This high current rating ensures that the plug can support demanding applications without overheating or failing, thus providing a reliable connection.

Operating Voltage: 380VAC to 415VAC

Operating at a voltage range of 380VAC to 415VAC, the PratiKa plug is versatile enough to be used across different electrical systems commonly found in industrial environments. This voltage range ensures compatibility with a wide array of equipment, facilitating seamless integration into existing setups.

Design and Dimensions

Physical Dimensions: 110mm x 265mm

The dimensions of the PratiKa plug, measuring 110mm in width and 265mm in height, provide a compact yet sturdy design. This size ensures that the plug can fit into tight spaces while still being easy to handle and install, which is crucial in cluttered or confined industrial environments.

Degree of Protection: IP67 and IK08

The PratiKa plug boasts an impressive degree of protection with an IP67 rating, indicating that it is dust-tight and can withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. Additionally, the IK08 rating signifies that the plug can resist a substantial amount of mechanical impact. These features make it highly durable and reliable, even in harsh industrial conditions.

Fire Resistance: 850°C

Fire safety is a critical consideration in industrial settings, and the PratiKa plug addresses this with a fire resistance rating of 850°C. This high level of fire resistance ensures that the plug can withstand extreme temperatures, thereby reducing the risk of fire-related incidents and ensuring continuous operation during emergencies.

Cable Entry Specifications

Types of Cables Supported: Flexible and Rigid

The PratiKa plug is designed to accommodate both flexible and rigid cables, providing versatility in its application. This feature allows for a wide range of cable types to be used, making it easier to integrate the plug into different electrical systems without needing specialized cables.

Cable Entry Sizes: 17mm to 31mm for 6mm² to 25mm² cables

Supporting cable entry sizes from 17mm to 31mm for cables ranging from 6mm² to 25mm², the PratiKa plug ensures compatibility with a variety of cable thicknesses. This flexibility in cable entry size makes it adaptable to different installation requirements and simplifies the process of connecting various equipment.

Color Coding and Identification

Color: Grey (RAL 7035) with Red

The PratiKa plug features a grey color (RAL 7035) with red markings, facilitating easy identification. The grey color provides a neutral and professional appearance, while the red markings help quickly identify the operating voltage, ensuring correct and safe connections.

Voltage Identification

The use of color coding for voltage identification is crucial for safety in industrial environments. The red markings on the PratiKa plug help users quickly and easily determine the operating voltage, reducing the risk of incorrect connections that could lead to equipment damage or personal injury.

Operational Frequency and Clock Position

Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz

The PratiKa plug operates at both 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies, making it suitable for use in different regions with varying power standards. This dual-frequency capability ensures that the plug can be used globally, providing flexibility for international industrial operations.

Clock Position of Contact: 6h

The clock position of the contact is set at 6h, which is a standardized position for many industrial plugs. This feature ensures compatibility with existing plug-and-socket systems and simplifies the connection process, reducing the likelihood of installation errors.

Applications and Usage

Common Uses in Industrial Settings

The PratiKa industrial wander plug is commonly used in a variety of industrial settings, including manufacturing plants, construction sites, and heavy machinery operations. Its robust design and high electrical ratings make it ideal for powering heavy-duty equipment and machinery, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.

Advantages of Using PratiKa Plugs

Using PratiKa plugs in industrial settings offers several advantages, including enhanced safety due to its high fire resistance and degree of protection, versatility with its ability to support various cable types and sizes, and ease of installation and identification. These features collectively contribute to improved operational efficiency and reduced downtime.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation Tips

When installing the PratiKa industrial wander plug, it’s important to ensure that the correct cable sizes are used and that the connections are securely tightened using the captive screws. Proper installation ensures optimal performance and longevity of the plug. Additionally, following the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation can help prevent common issues and enhance safety.

Maintenance Guidelines

Regular maintenance of the PratiKa plug involves checking the connections for any signs of wear or damage, ensuring that the IP67 and IK08 ratings are maintained, and cleaning the plug to prevent dust and debris buildup. Periodic inspections and timely repairs or replacements can extend the lifespan of the plug and ensure continuous, reliable operation.

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