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sanwa YX360TRF Case and instrument in one body, that brings you a convenience to carry and store

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FunctionMeasuring rangeTolerance
±5% of full scale
±3% of full scale
DCV (NULL)±5/25V(40kΩ/V)±5% of full scale
ACV10/50/250/750(9kΩ/V)±4% of full scale
DCA50μ/2.5m/25m/0.25A*1 ±3% of full scale
Resistance2k/20k/200k/2MΩ (x1/x10/x100/x1k)
200MΩ (x100k)
±3% of arc
±5% of arc
Capacitance10μFApproximate value
dB-10dB~+22dB (for 10VAC) ~+62dBApproximate value
Load current (LI)0-150m/15m/1.5m/150μ/1.5μAApproximate value
DC high voltageDC25kV (optional probe “HV-10T” is necessary)
hFE1000 at x10 range (optional probe “HFE-6T” is necessary)
BatteryR6 (IEC) or UM-3 (1.5V)x2
FuseΦ5.2x20mm (250V/0.5A)
Size/MassH159.5×W129×D41.5mm/Approx. 320g

sanwa YX360TRF Case and instrument in one body, that brings you a convenience to carry and store

The Sanwa YX360TRF is a revolutionary product that combines the functionality of a case and instrument in one compact body. This innovative design offers users unparalleled convenience in carrying and storing their instruments, making it a must-have for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Features of Sanwa YX360TRF

The YX360TRF boasts a range of features that set it apart from traditional cases and instruments. Its compact size, lightweight construction, and durable materials make it ideal for on-the-go use without compromising on functionality or performance.

Benefits of Having a Case and Instrument in One Body

Having a case and instrument in one body brings numerous benefits. It reduces the need for carrying multiple items, streamlines setup and teardown processes, and enhances overall efficiency during performances or work sessions.

Convenience in Carrying and Storing

One of the standout advantages of the YX360TRF is its convenience in carrying and storing. Its ergonomic design and efficient use of space make it easy to transport while ensuring the safety and protection of the instrument.

Comparison with Traditional Cases and Instruments

Compared to traditional cases and instruments, the YX360TRF offers a significant advantage in terms of portability and functionality. It eliminates the hassle of managing separate cases and instruments, making it a preferred choice for professionals on the move.

Durability and Longevity

Built with high-quality materials and precision engineering, the YX360TRF is designed to withstand the rigors of frequent use. Its durability ensures long-term reliability, making it a valuable investment for musicians, technicians, and hobbyists.

User-Friendly Design

The YX360TRF features a user-friendly design with intuitive controls and easy access to instrument components. Its ergonomic layout enhances usability and comfort, catering to a wide range of users with varying skill levels.

Usage Scenarios

The versatility of the YX360TRF extends to various usage scenarios, including live performances, studio recordings, fieldwork, educational settings, and more. Its adaptability makes it a versatile tool for professionals across different industries.

Technical Specifications

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  • Material: [Insert Material]
  • Color Options: [Insert Color Options]
  • Compatibility: [Insert Compatibility Details]

Maintenance and Care

To ensure optimal performance and longevity, regular maintenance and care are essential for the YX360TRF. Follow manufacturer guidelines for cleaning, storage, and usage to maximize the lifespan of your device.

Market Availability and Pricing

The Sanwa YX360TRF is available through authorized retailers and online platforms. Pricing may vary based on region, features, and bundled accessories. Check with your local distributor for the latest information.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customer reviews and feedback play a crucial role in understanding the real-world performance of the YX360TRF. Positive testimonials highlight its reliability, convenience, and overall value proposition, making it a highly recommended product.


In conclusion, the Sanwa YX360TRF represents a new standard of convenience and functionality in instrument design. Its innovative approach to combining a case and instrument in one body offers users a seamless experience, making it an indispensable tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.


  1. Is the YX360TRF compatible with all instruments?
    • The YX360TRF is designed to accommodate a wide range of instruments, but compatibility may vary. Refer to the product specifications for detailed information.
  2. Can I customize the YX360TRF to suit my specific needs?
    • While customization options may be limited, accessories and add-ons are available to enhance the functionality and appearance of the YX360TRF.
  3. How durable is the YX360TRF against environmental factors?
    • The YX360TRF is built to withstand typical environmental factors encountered during regular use. However, extreme conditions may require additional precautions.
  4. What maintenance is required for the YX360TRF?
    • Regular cleaning, proper storage, and occasional servicing are recommended to maintain the YX360TRF’s performance and longevity.
  5. Where can I purchase the YX360TRF?
    • The YX360TRF is available through authorized retailers and online platforms. Check with your local distributor for availability and pricing details.
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