Schneider RXM4AB1JD | Miniature plug-in relay, 6 A, 4 CO, 12 V DC

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Schneider RXM4AB1JD | Miniature plug-in relay, 6 A, 4 CO, 12 V DC


Schneider RXM4AB1JD | Miniature Plug-In Relay, 6 A, 4 CO, 12 V DC Description


In the realm of electrical components, the Schneider RXM4AB1JD stands out as a miniature plug-in relay designed for various applications. Let’s delve into its features and advantages.


Electrical Ratings

  • Voltage: 12 V DC
  • Current: 6 A
  • Contacts: 4 CO (Changeover Contacts)


Coil Characteristics

The relay boasts efficient coil characteristics, ensuring reliable performance under varying conditions.


Industrial Usage

From control panels to automation systems, the RXM4AB1JD finds its place in diverse industrial settings due to its versatility and robustness.


Mounting Options

Users can easily mount this relay on DIN rails, making installation hassle-free and efficient.


Compact Design

Despite its powerful capabilities, the relay sports a compact design, saving valuable space in electrical setups.


Other Relay Options

Comparing the RXM4AB1JD with other relays reveals its superior features and cost-effectiveness, making it a preferred choice.


Tips for Longevity

Regular maintenance checks and following manufacturer guidelines ensure the relay’s longevity and optimal performance.


In conclusion, the Schneider RXM4AB1JD relay offers a blend of performance, reliability, and compactness, making it a standout choice for various industrial and commercial applications.


  1. What is the maximum current rating of the RXM4AB1JD relay?
    • The maximum current rating is 6 A at 12 V DC.
  2. Can this relay be used in control panels?
    • Yes, it is suitable for control panels and automation systems.
  3. How does the compact design benefit users?
    • The compact design saves space and allows for efficient installation.
  4. Are there any specific maintenance requirements for this relay?
    • Regular checks and adherence to manufacturer guidelines are recommended for optimal performance.
  5. What sets the RXM4AB1JD apart from other relays in its category?
    • Its compact design, reliable coil characteristics, and cost-effectiveness make it a standout choice.

Additional information


Schneider Electric

Product or component type

Plug-in relay

Device short name


Series name


Utilisation coefficient


Mechanical durability

10000000 cycles

Safety reliability data

B10d = 100000

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